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Viable Systems Model principles and laws (a #mindmap posted on @biggerplate)

I have often talked on this blog about the law of requisite variety.

Stafford Beer indeed created a model of viable organizations which is supported by a set of principles and laws that I summarized in the just uploaded mindmap.

If you want to know more on that topic, have a look at my delicious bookmarks on VSM.

This is an (old) initial version. I need to update it with information about how the VSM model is organized:

  • Management (S3, S3*, S4, S5)
  • Operations (S1, S2)
  • Environment
  • Communications channels between sub-systems (C1 to C6)

Stay tuned!

Chris Argyris Theory of Action (a #mindmap uploaded to @biggerplate)

June 23rd, 2011 Posted in Change Tags: , , , ,

Ok, I had those on my hard disk, only decided to prettify them and share them.

Chris Argyris has a very interesting explanation of why people don’t change and don’t challenge organizational status quo. you can read more on him on (great site by the way, check it out!).

You can also access the just uploaded mindmap:


David Kolb #Learning Styles (a #mindmap uploaded on @biggerplate)

June 23rd, 2011 Posted in Lean Tags: , , , ,

I’ve just uploaded a new mindmap over there:

It might be useful to know these as different people as different learning styles.

Useful to inquire attendants before starting a training or, better yet, build a training session that appeal to all kind of learning styles and build that into your training as specified by TWI.

Increasing your change management skills with Motivational Interviewing (a new #mindmap on @biggerplate)

I just uploaded this mindmap on BiggerPlate here.

MI is an ecological way to elicit change motivation and action in people that may have been resisting it in the first place. A perfect skill to master, IMHO, for any change leader or change agent (including Lean management!).

Best of all, it fits very well with Solution Focus, as I have already said previously.

What have you done recently to help people around you accept change?

Carl Rogers concepts #mindmap: a reminder of coaching attitude for #change and #Lean #management

I’ve just uploaded a mindmap out of material I’ve scouted on the net: Carl Rogers concepts MindManager Map.

I find Carl Rogers position toward people very interesting and something terribly necessary to have in mind when considering changing organizations (either using Lean or Systems Thinking), because it reminds us that:

  • things did not occurred out of nothing
  • the system (organization) is perfectly adapted to do what it does (hence the difficulty of changing it)
  • everything currently being done makes sense to the people working inside the system

It reminds me of that Socrates quote: “All I know is that I know nothing“.

All of this is highly impregnated of Systems Thinking stuff: people adapt to their environment (the system around them), which allows them to change it for their own purpose, which will retro-act on themselves. It concludes that people are adapted to the variety of the system around them and, corolarly, that someone outside of the system can’t have the requisite variety. So it’s a necessity to be unconditionnally accepting of the collaborators.

Also, because a change is perceived as a threat (whether consciously or not), a perfectly safe environment must be set up (between the coach and the manager or the manager and the employees) for the new experience to be integrated and make sense of. This environment mwill be in the relationships established between employees and their management.


New #TWI Materials #mindmap uploaded to @biggerplate

January 18th, 2011 Posted in Lean Tags: , , , , ,

The corresponding mindmap has been uploaded and is now downloadable and viewable from Biggerplate. Content has been reviewed with help from Mark Warren, chief archivist for the Training Within Industry Yahoo Mailing list. Thanks Mark!

For more about this, please re-read my preceding article on TWI materials.

#TWI #mindmap out of Interim TWI Report May 1945 Complete Set of Current Bulletins and Manuals

January 11th, 2011 Posted in Lean Tags: , ,

To all people interested in TWI materials.

Searching from the SME website, I extracted the list of the Complete Set of Bulletins and Manuals from an annex and turned it to a mindmap showing all that was produced by the Training Within Industry Service during World War II. Please note that the documents went through at least 10 different versions each, so there’s indeed more behind the scene work. But I feel this list show the most important documents to know from TWI.

In other posts, I hope to comment on the documents I’ve already read for they feature lots of insighttful advices.

The mindmap is available for all to download in MindManager format from BiggerPlate.

I’ve also created an image out of it for those without MindManager (though you can download an old viewer for free from here). Please note that I’ve created the map with the same version of the writer as that of the viewer, so there should not be any problem of compatibility. The image has been uploaded onto the Yahoo TWI discussion group (“files” section).

Update on 2011/01/18: I’ve updated the mindmap and the link as well, thanks to the work of Mark Warren that corrected and completed my initial map.

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