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Reblog: Catherine Chabiron: Can we reduce nemawashi to lobbying ? » The Lean Edge

August 20th, 2012 Posted in Lean Tags: , ,

Hey, Catherine Chabiron, of Faurecia, asked that excellent question about what nemawashi (a favorite Lean concept of mine) is!

I am convinced that nemawashi is the number one concept of Lean that makes it a systems practice method of improving a company. What I mean is that also all of Lean is strictly analytical thinking, the way it is done as a system (ie, all tools and Lean management principles used together and in interaction) helps knit the people and their processes, management and their people and overall, help all employee and management build a right mental model of how the company works as a system.

The question: Catherine Chabiron: Can we reduce nemawashi to lobbying ? » The Lean Edge.

Some of the first answers are from:

  • Jeff Likers
  • Art Smalley
  • Tracey Richardson
  • Daniel Markowitz: “nemawashi is a dialogue, not a monologue” and “By the time nemawashi is done, all parties know what’s at stake and why the proposal is important, so they’re able to implement more quickly, with less discussion, less resistance, and less confusion.” Isn’t this what all Change Management agents are supposed to look for? Well then, look no further!!!
  • Pascal Dennis

Reblog: Art Smalley: Standardized Confusion » The #Lean Edge

Here’s a great piece of work from Art Smalley regarding the notion of “standards” at Toyota. Well, anything Art writes is good anyway, but this one unveils some confusion that might exist between the different concepts of “standards” and how and when each of them change.

Art Smalley: Standardized Confusion » The Lean Edge.


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