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Generation Y and #Deming’s Constancy of Purpose by Poorani Jeyasekar on PEX Network

September 27th, 2011 Posted in Change Tags: , ,

Here’s a very good article I’d wish to pass along!

Generation Y and Deming’s Constancy of Purpose by Poorani Jeyasekar.

I feel Internet and all that combination of Social and Information Technologies (yes, there are social technologies as well) has made it possible to move and learn fast up to the point where purpose can be lost. Which, in a clear negative feedback loops, brings it forth to the foreground once it got lost too far away.

Constancy of purpose is not something specific to Gen Ys (indeed, Deming stated it way long before!).

We somehow lost it during the early days of Internet. Now the technology has matured, the social network has been enhanced by IT so purpose need is back.

Welcome purpose!

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