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Serve. Aspire. Transcend. @JonathanFields

January 13th, 2012 Posted in Change, GTD, Personal Development Tags: , , , ,

I read few reviews of people on blogs or Internet at large. I can barely, if at all, identify with those. Indeed, that’s not what they’re for anyway (why the hell are they published at all is something I still wonder…)

But the 2011 annual review by Jonathan Fields is of a different, mind-blowing, kind.

Although giving personal insight views of how he managed his life and businesses (yes, plural!) last year, it’s also full of suggestions and comments that give you a thrill. Because you know you can be part of that too.

Just the title of his review is thrusting: Serve. Aspire. Transcend.

Isn’t this in itself a summary of all positive psychology, strength-based, psychotherapy, life coaching books you had seen in the past few years?

Serve others, Aspire to more and Transcend yourself...

To best serve yourself, serve others first.

Give first to be given.

And aim at excellence. Not just big.

Wouldn’t it make for a powerful driving force if adopted as an organizational vision?

Would you like your company to just beat its competitors or Transcend and Inspire its market?

I know what I’d choose.

That too works on a personal level. Do review your personal vision (from a 50,000 feet perspective as advocated by GTD). It should be a vision, but is it a BHAG (Big Hairy and Audacious Goal)? If not, think bigger. And Bigger. And BIGGER. Until you get to that “woah” moment: there you are: aim for this!


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