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My name is Nicolas Stampf. I live and work in France in the service industry.

In this blog, I’ll try to give my thoughts on the subject of organizations as Systems and ways to improve them (Appreciate them). I’ve recently discovered systems thinking and been trained in fundamentals of Appreciative Inquiry. I will talk about all of that and hope not to say too much errors:-)

I am also a big proponent of Lean as a way to manage organization to improve it for the benefits of its employees, customers and other stakeholders. I’ll very probably blog about that too and see if I can link Lean with strength-based approaches.

Feel free to leave a comment should you agree, disagree of just want to say hi!

You can see all my other internet information on my Google Profile page (or directly my LinkedIn profile), but you might as well be interested in my public bookmarks on delicious or the Mindmaps I’ve uploaded to Biggerplate.

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