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Reblog: Seth Godin’s Blog: The Acute Heptagram of Impact – a #systemsthinking view (#stwg)

I think you will spend 180 seconds reading this post

Seth Godin recently published an interesting article about how one’s can achieve high impact: Seths Blog: The Acute Heptagram of Impact (click to open in a new windows to follow my thinking below).

Upon rapid staring on that 7 headed star, it occurred to me that it might provide more insights than initially advocated in Seth’s article. Let me show you my own wandering around this star… using some naive systems thinking on it.

Following edges

The first wandering follows the edges. Let’s see:

Strategy is what allows good tactics, which fuels one’s desire for more. This allows to overcome fear which surely enough is good foundation for reputation. The latter is the one that once fed back to you maintains your persistence which allows for steady execution of your initial strategy.

Ok, this one was easy. Let’s try another.

Round the clock

This time I’m reading the vertices in order:

A good strategy will fuels your persistence which is what will allow you to overcome fear, clearing the way for sound tactics which you will be able to bring to bright execution, surely enough building up your reputation, which will fed back to yourself and further reinforce your desire to continue on your strategy.

Not bad, eh? What about embracing opposites? Let’s go…

Head and two opposites

Here I’m looking at the two opposite vertices from each point, clock wise:

  • Strategy is tactics with a good execution.
  • Persistence is fueled from steady execution coated in your own reputation.
  • Fear are easily overcome by your desire for more along with your own reputation fed back to you, since it usually believe more in you than yourself.
  • Tactics grow out of your desire to pursue some strategy.
  • Execution only is possible by giving persistence to one’s own strategy.
  • Reputation surely is grown out of your persistence and your overcome of fear.
  • Lastly, desire is fueled by your successful tactics and your repeated successes over fear.


What about considering each vertex with its two neighbours? Here we go:

  • Strategy is sustained by your persistence in your desire.
  • Persistence grows out of a strategy to overcome fear.
  • Fear is defeated by persistent application of well sounded tactics.
  • Tactics succeed by diligent execution of plans to overcome fear.
  • Execution is possible through sound tactics fueled daily by your own reputation fed back from others.
  • Reputation grows of steady execution of plans to make your desire a reality.
  • Desire for more grows out of your reputation for achieving successful strategy.

Where unrelated concepts show danger

Now my last part. Each vertex faces a barring line, whose perpendicular leads to itself. For instance, the Reputation-Fear line has a perpendicular that passes through Strategy. Let’s see how this works out:

  • Strategy can be defeated by lack of reputation and too much fear.
  • Persistence is void when desire is absent of tactics fail.
  • Fear grows out of a lack of strategy and derailing execution.
  • Tactics are hindered by bad reputation or lack of persistence.
  • Execution isn’t just possible without desire and is paralyzed by fear.
  • There is no Reputation without perfect strategy and tactics.
  • Desire can’t exist without persistence and successful execution.

As a final note, I need to say that I see all these relationships taking place at the same time, and the resulting emerging consequence is that of IMPACT, as set out by Seth Godin.

Very good job, @SethGodin!!!

(The clever reader might want to have a look at Constructivism and Hermeneutics on Wikipedia 😉 I might have just invented blog hermeneutics, here…

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