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Reblog: A 3×2 model of solutions (@coertvisser #solutionfocus)

August 22nd, 2012 Posted in Solution Focus Tags: ,

I think you will spend 80 seconds reading this post

Here’s a very short and nice article by Coert Visser providing a model of solutions.

I can’t help but be reminded of some well-known “equation” relative to change:

Efficacy_of_solution = Quality_of_solution x Acceptance

This equation is well-known in the Lean and Six Sigma circles. It is used to remind coaches that whatever the quality of a solution, if it’s not accepted by people, it’s of few, if any, use to improve.

Visser’s 3×2 model provides a visual representation of the preceding equation showing where that Efficacy of solution may reside, depending on the Acceptance of it. Obviously, acceptance is higher when 1) people have done it before and 2) they know why it works.

When it comes to Solution Focus though, some further point can be made. That a solution that has already been implemented by someone (even if partially) has the effect of preparing the mind of that person for replicating it later. Also, that solution is well adapted to the environment where it could be re-applied again. Indeed, the solution and the environment where it occurred in the past co-influenced each other. That’s not a small thing to consider when implementing a solution.

When trying to get exogenous solutions into place, it’s not just whether the solution is intellectually understood (most are), it’s also that the mind of the people who should be applying it need to be adapted to it (or that they digested it).

Endogenous solutions don’t have this adaptation barrier to overcome. That’s a huge benefit for them, IMO!


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