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What’s your #1 #Lean tool? I vote for #compassion

February 22nd, 2011 Posted in Lean Tags: , , ,

I think you will spend 26 seconds reading this post

This is not a real Lean tool per se, but I’d say Compassion:

  • compassion from management toward employees to help them get out of these messy processes and improve their work;
  • compassion for the poor customer that have to deal with a malfunctioning product or service;
  • compassion for the top management for themselves that need to cope with a dysfunctional company when it could be made flourishing and have all people, from top management to lower level employees thrive at work…

What about you?

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  • I came across your blog for the first time today. I was quite taken by this entry because earlier today I posted a blog entry I called “Are Supervisors really Healers?” I think you are on to something here, and I think the structure of the TWI Job Relations module gives them a set of tools that lets some of this happen.

  • Nicholas:
    Sorry for the multiple entries. It didn’t seem to take the first two.

    • No problem. As a first commenter on this blog, you’ve been moderated by the anti-spam system (you should have seen a message upon submitting your comment). I’ve validated them.

      And thanks for the comments! Yes, Job Relations should be the first step in improving a workplace, though I think it falls short on the compassion side. But it’s a great framework to start with (getting the facts, weighting and deciding). I think the “heart” can enter at the “weighting” step of Job Relations.

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