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Strength-based A3: new version (1.2 EN) – #Lean #SolutionFocus

October 19th, 2011 Posted in Lean, Solution Focus Tags: , , , , ,

I think you will spend 12 seconds reading this post

I edited my previous version to include comments (thanks David!). It has been mostly improved using the Solution Focused approach.

Here’s the new version, which you can still comment on, of course!

STD SB-A3 v1.2 EN

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4 Responses to “Strength-based A3: new version (1.2 EN) – #Lean #SolutionFocus”

  1. Seldom do people use their tools or the tools they recommend for others on themselves which is really the best way to learn them. Great way to learn about A3s is to practice them and why not with yourself first.

    My compliments.

    • Nicolas Stampf says:

      Hello Joseph,
      Thanks for the comments. Though I did try to improve my work by asking others, I mostly expect improvement and feedback from the usage of it, either by myself (being done) or others.

  2. […] Download it from here: STD SB-A3 v1.0 EN → See new post with latest version here. […]

  3. […] to local issues like getting fly tipping removed. It is clear, simple and effective. Thanks to Appreciating Systems for its development. Any feedback welcome as to its use. Advertisement GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", […]

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