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Viable Systems Model principles and laws (a #mindmap posted on @biggerplate)

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I have often talked on this blog about the law of requisite variety.

Stafford Beer indeed created a model of viable organizations which is supported by a set of principles and laws that I summarized in the just uploaded mindmap.

If you want to know more on that topic, have a look at my delicious bookmarks on VSM.

This is an (old) initial version. I need to update it with information about how the VSM model is organized:

  • Management (S3, S3*, S4, S5)
  • Operations (S1, S2)
  • Environment
  • Communications channels between sub-systems (C1 to C6)

Stay tuned!

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  2. thanks a lot for the useful information and resources. A real help for my thesis 🙂

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